Rolf Roys’ new album out today!

Publisert 1.03.2024

It is difficult to get closer to the raw and genuine joy of playing than when performing for a packed dance floor of sweaty, dance-loving people. This album of the folk dance group Rolf Roys was captured live in the actual dance venue, surrounded by enthusiastic and happy dancers on the dance floor! Put on your dancing shoes and listen to the album on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

Nomination and showcases at Folkelarm

Publisert 13.11.2023

This weekend, Folkelarm is happening, and we have a lot to look forward to! Tellef Kvifte is nominated for the Folkelarm Award in the solo category for the album ‘The Norwegian Bagpipe (?) Vol. II.’ On Friday, the duo Flottorp/Solberg will perform at 8:30 PM, and on Saturday, the Camilla Hole Trio will play at 5:20 PM. See you there!

Traditional folk music magic from Norway to Finland

Publisert 26.10.2023

Knudsen & Syrjälä have released the album “Talende Strenger/Kertovat Kielet” – a magical collaboration between Ragnhild Knudsen and Pauliina Syrjälä. The album captures the shimmering sound of the Hardanger fiddle and kantele, inviting you to dive into the enchanting musical world of the duo.


New release: EVENTYRFERD – Camilla Hole Trio, Sigrid Moldestad & Torstein Slåen

Publisert 1.09.2023

Camilla Hole Trio’s second album is finally available on all streaming services and Bandcamp! “Eventyrferd” (eng: fairytale journey) consists of old tunes and folk melodies from the village of Breim in the west coast of Norway, found in various archives and books. Each tune has been given a musical adventure or image that they convey through imaginative arrangements and openness to play and improvisation.

Camilla Hole Trio releases a new single today

Publisert 16.06.2023

Camilla Hole Trio is finally ready with their second album! In the project “Eventyrferd,” the trio, consisting of Camilla Hole, Egil Kalman, and Knut Kvifte Nesheim, has been expanded with the sought-after folk musician and solo artist Sigrid Moldestad, as well as the experimental jazz guitarist Torstein Slåen.

“Geitekillingane bygger heile verda i duplo (barneminne frå Ola Ryssdal)” is the first taste from the upcoming album and is available on all streaming services today. The song is based on Hole’s childhood memory from folk music collector Ola Ryssdal. The melody of this rhyme is (for the specially interested) a type of tune called “gamalt,” an older type of “springar” that can be found in certain districts on the West Coast of Norway.

Knut Kvifte Nesheim & OJKOS with a new album!

Publisert 26.05.2023

Today, the album «Graosido» is released, where drummer and composer Knut Kvifte Nesheim has written music for the Norwegian jazz orchestra OJKOS. This is a musical tribute to the view from Nesheim’s family farmstead at Voss, Norway.

Available on all streaming platforms. Vinyl and high-quality audio files can be purchased on Bandcamp!

Norwegian/Irish music with a slight jazz influence

Publisert 20.04.2023

Today, the album “Reel Date” is out, where Tellef Kvifte has assembled a small but exceptional team of musicians, including Magnus Wiik on guitar, Åsmund Reistad on bass, and Knut Kvifte Nesheim on drums, all with a background in both jazz and traditional folk music. Tellef himself plays the taragot! The songs on the album are inspired by the legendary Irish flute player Micho Russel and Norwegian Hardanger fiddle player Salve Austenå, as well as a couple of Tellef’s original compositions. 

Listen on your preferred streaming service or purchase high-quality digital audio files on Bandcamp!

New single!

Publisert 21.10.2020

Knut Kvifte Nesheim’s single I Will Circle Back to You is out now!

Album of the week!

Publisert 10.08.2020

This week’s Taragot album is “Egeland spiller Fjeldstad” – check it out or buy it on BandCamp! We also recommend you to check out Tellef’s blog where you can find an interesting article about why we haven’t released an album with Sigurd Fjeldstad himself!

Halvemål on BandCamp!

Publisert 4.08.2020

This week we focus on the Norwegian folkjazz trio Camilla Hole trio in our summer campaign! You can get their album Halvemål on BandCamp and with the code TARAGOTSOMMER you’ll get a 30% discount!

Summer campaign continues on bandcamp!

Publisert 23.07.2020

This week we have a discount on the album “Egeland, Edén, Marin – Vol 1.” on bandcamp! Use the code TARAGOTSOMMER and get a 30% discount! We are sorry that our website was out of service last week, and we apologize for not being able to post about the dicount on Knut Kvifte Nesheims album “Results” last week.

Summer campaign!

Publisert 6.07.2020

We are wishing you all a good summer by launching a bandcamp summer campaign! Throughout the summer you can buy a selected album on bandcamp with a 30% discount! The code is TARAGOTSOMMER and this week you can use it on the amazing album “Håslåtten” by Per Midtstigen!

Taragot productions available on BandCamp

Publisert 4.05.2020

We will release our productions also on BandCamp, to give you the opportunity to download high-res files. We start with Tellef’s two solo albums today – the rest of our catalogue will be available here soon. Also, our CDs will soon be available from BandCamp!

Link to our BandCamp page!

Great release concert for Flottorp/Solberg

Publisert 31.03.2020

Johanne Flottorp ad Åsmund Solberg released their debut album “Livingroom Tunes” March 5th; celebrating with a concert at Riksscenen, Oslo for an enthusiatic audience.

Flottorp/Solberg singel is released

Publisert 30.01.2020

Flottorp/Solberg’s singel Slåtten Hass Knut Mo is now released – a taste of their new album Heimespel coming March 5th, and expected to be a classic in the hardingfele/guitar-duo genre!

Egeland/Edén/Marin Vol 1 review in Songlines

Publisert 28.12.2019

Egeland/Edén/Marin’s album Vol.1 gets a nice review in Songlines issue Jan/Feb 2020:  «…The knowledge, research and experience each brings makes this a must-have album, but, even more than that, they bring decades of passion, warmth and wit to unforgettable dance tunes, unearthed from manuscripts, inspired by great players of the past..»

Per Midtstigen solo!

Publisert 17.05.2019

We celebrate the Norwegian National day, and release Per Midtstigen’s solo album “Håslåtten”! Congratulations, everyone!

New release: Egeland/Edén/Marin vol.1

Publisert 12.04.2019

Finally: the long awaited album with the soon legendary trio Egeland/Edén/Marin is now available on streaming services around the world, and on CD!

Egeland/Edén/Marin: Singel to be released Feb. 17th.

Publisert 4.02.2019

Three masters of Scandinavian traditional music: Ånon Egeland, Mats edén and Mikael Marin finally together in an album! Singel to be released Feb. 17th, and the full album in April. In the meantime, you may have a sneak preview of the singel by logging in on our bonus page. Enjoy!

Camilla Hole trio’s new album: Halvemål is released!

Publisert 12.10.2018

Camilla Hole trio’s album Halvemål is now available around the globe!

The trio comprises:

Camilla Hole – sax
Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson – double bass;
Knut Kvifte Nesheim – drums, vibraphone

Skrekk&Guro’s first album is released

Publisert 13.09.2018

Finally,  Folkemusikk 2.0 is released, and available on all serious digital services, as well as on CD, distributed by Musikkoperatørene. Enjoy!

Finally – The Micho Russell album is released!

Publisert 31.08.2018

Finally, the album Micho Russell in Norway 1978 – Vol. 1:The Vinstra Concert is released! The album is filled with cassette recordings published now for the first time, with tunes from Micho’s rich repertoire. Enjoy!

Taragot productions in new settings

Publisert 27.07.2018

Drummer and beat artist Per Brehmer, based in Gotheburg, has chosen some of the tunes in the varied catalogue of Taragot productions, cut, disfigured, deformed, vandalized and, finally, constructed a number of clever beats from the heterogenous raw material.

The beats will be released one by one in the months to come, and eventually collected in an album. Then it remains to see if any of the mangled Taragot artists take revenge, and make their version of Per’s beats…

The repertoire manager of Taragot, Tellef Kvifte, is happy to see that Taragot’s music gets creative attention also abroad!

(Foto: Ferhat Deniz Fors)

Micho Russell album soon to be released

Publisert 19.05.2018

In the meantime, go to our Bonus page to enjoy   «I wish I had a Yellow Cow», sung in Irish and English, and played on the flute by Micho back in 1978.

Gadjos: New artists on the Taragot label!

Publisert 4.04.2018

Gothenburg Gadjos

We welcome the Gothenburg-based band Gadjos at Taragot, and look forward to release their EP Kemal´s Barbershop during the spring! Here, Gadjos present themselves – and log in on the Bonus page for a teaser!


Old recordings with Micho Russell to be released

Publisert 27.02.2018

In 1978, the legendary Irish musician Micho Russell visited Norway – now we are digging in our drawers to retrieve cassette recording we did with Micho at that time, to be released later this spring. Most of the tunes are available on albums Micho has released earlier, but as Micho never repeats a tune in the same fashion, it is an extra bonus to hear the same tune played on different occasions!

Two new albums today!

Publisert 17.02.2018

Saturday 17th of February: Two new albums; both with traditional Norwegian music rooted in the county of Aust-Agder.

Guro Kvifte Nesheim’s Bestastovo and Ånon Egeland’s Egeland spiller Fjeldstad give us two different takes on traditional music as performed today!

Guro gives her release concert in Malmö, Sweden, while Ånon, together with Lucy Moffatt on chord zither, plays for dance at the Rauland International Winter Festival.

New genre: Art Metal

Publisert 23.04.2017

We celebrate the Norwegian national day May 17th with the release of a new album, introducing the new genre of Art Metal. Sounds from the workshop of metal artist Arne Magnus Johnsrød are used by Tellef Kvifte to make a four-track album in this brand new genre. Watch out for the release!

Playlist showcasing Taragot Sounds releases

Publisert 11.01.2017

Here is a playlist showcasing releases from Taragot Sounds. Listen to traditional music and free-impro jazz mixed with not-so-traditional music and not-quite-free imrpo and contemporary jazz. Enjoy! Read more to find the link to the playlist!

Old recording featuring a Norwegian bagpipe – ?

Publisert 7.12.2016

Not many were fooled by a supposed old film featuring a Norwegian bagpipe – actually a slightly doctored version of “Halling etter Beitohaugen” on my album “The Norwegian Bagpipe – ?“. But I still like the idea that there might be such recordings somewhere! Anyway – you may enjoy the video here!


BenReddik new album release!

Publisert 5.12.2016

After a successful release concert, the album “Festen i det gule huset” (“The party in the yellow house”) is now live on services around the world!

Nunatak: New trio, releasing album soon!

Publisert 27.08.2016

Nunatak – free-improtrio with Mathilde Grooss Viddal, Tellef Kvifte and Knut Kvifte Nesheim releasing their first album during the (Norwegian) winter. While you wait: enjoy the video on YouTube!

A great day for the Taragot label!

Publisert 27.08.2016

sjøfløyta rauland rambles

July 29th: two new releases:

Rauland Rambles with Ånon Egeland, Arto Järvelä oand Bruce Molsky, three widely known and highly respected musicians always sparkling in their playing!

Tellefs sjøfløyte; the second solo album from Tellef Kviftes andre soloalbum, this time a number of solo tunes on the Norwegian sjøfløyte. Several of these sjøfløyte versions are not previously recorded or played in concerts, and may accordingly, be heard for the first time on this album! Tellefs first solo album was released last year: Den norske sekkepipa – ?

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