Traditional folk music magic from Norway to Finland

Ragnhild Knudsen (NO) and Pauliina Syrjälä (FI) first crossed paths at Nordtrad conferences, where they quickly discovered that the combination of Hardanger fiddle and kantele unveiled an entirely new, yet recognizable sonic world. Since 2016, they have collaborated to develop a repertoire rooted in older Norwegian and Finnish traditional music. They playfully experiment with both sound and structure in their songs, crafting arrangements that leave room for improvisation while drawing from Finnish and Norwegian traditions. After playing and exploring through seven years, the duo is finally ready to share the results with the world through their album “Talende Strenger/Kertovat Kielet” (English: Talking Strings).

In Finland, traditional folk music has historically placed greater emphasis on innovation and improvisation, while in Norway, traditional playing techniques, rhythm, and intonation have been the focus. Within this dynamic contrast, the duo finds material for a unique contemporary expression of their own.

“We have been talking to each other, for hours and hours. In between, we have played and made music, with many strings. The strings of our instruments have been talking to each other and to us. Through this ongoing dialogue, we have created our musical landscape. As folk musicians, our music has its roots in traditions. In this case, the traditions are geographically quite widespread, between Norwegian mountains in the west, to the Karelian woods and lakes in the east. You are most welcome to enter our musical world!” – Ragnhild & Pauliina.

  1. Jarand Skinnarland
  2. Melkutus & Pajatus
  3. Eg er liten & Hiljanen suru
  4. Rahapolska
  5. Paimenlaulu
  6. Halling
  7. Matts Näsi
  8. Rykalintu