Rolf Roys live from the dance floor

It is difficult to get closer to the raw and genuine joy of playing than when performing for a packed dance floor of sweaty, dance-loving people. The tight interplay and interaction between musicians and dancers offer something entirely different than playing a concert. No matter how beautiful the melodies are, it doesn’t matter unless the rhythm is just right. That’s precisely why the album of the folk dance group Rolf Roys was not recorded in a studio but in the actual dance venue, surrounded by enthusiastic and happy dancers on the dance floor!

Rolf Roys was established in 2019 when Pål Bratås was tasked with forming a band to represent Hamar municipality at the music festival Nordische Klang in Germany. The band consisted of Herbjørn Liahagen on Hardanger fiddle, Pål Bratås on accordion, Kjartan Haugen Foss on guitar, and Bjørn Fredriksberg on bass. The collaboration worked so well that they have been going strong ever since. The band specializes in traditional folk dance music primarily from Numedal and Hallingdal, where Pål and Herbjørn have their roots.