“Heimespel” by Flottorp and Solberg

The tunes we burn for – those fromAgder and Telemark – are wide-ranging.A common thread that runs through thetunes we like is that they are rugged and get straight to the point. In our duo, the tunes get to shine, and, as the natural link between the tune and the listener, we have made arrangements that serve the tune. For the tune is quite simply the boss and sets the premises of our interplay. We practised at home, recorded at home, searched for tunes from our home areas.
That’s why the album is called ‘Heimespel’ (‘Livingroom Tunes’). But, in order for the music to be a home for us, we have to furnish it the way we want. So as to make the music feel familiar, we must decorate it in our own style and to our own taste, build a new intro here and hammer out a new part there. In the end, maybe this home accommodates more than one would initially have thought?

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  1. Springar etter Fredrikane
  2. Skorsvikjen
  3. Kivlemøyspringar
  4. Gudbrandsdølen
  5. Stev
  6. Slåtten hass Knut Mo
  7. Moghusfela
  8. Brureslag frå Herefoss
  9. Gygrestolen
  10. Klunkaren

Åsmund Solberg

Åsmund Solberg (1991; guitar and pedal steel) plays jazz, folk music and related genres. He has a M.A. in improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gotheburg, as well as a B.A. form the University of Agder. He lives in Oslo, working as a free-lance musician and composer, and has taken part in a number of releases. At the moment, he is working on an art project with visual artist Signe Solberg.

Johanne Flottorp

Johanne Flottorp plays the hardanger fiddle, specilizing in the traditions from Agder and Telemark counties. She has studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and is active in different genres, like in the Norwegian americanaband "The Northern Belle", that was nominated for "Spellemann" (The Norwegian Grammy) in 2018; this year Johanne was also nominated with her first solo album; that won the "Folkelarmprisen" 2019.