El Aaiun – Across the Border

“A free jazz ensemble performance at its heart, one of the more thrilling albums of 2014, excellent recording. There aren’t a lot of ensembles that set out to build just such a construct, and there are even fewer doing it this well.” (Bird is the Worm – New Jazz)

“Outstanding large ensemble free jazz set from saxophonist Viddal. Just sensational. The kind of boundless creativity one hopes for in their artists..» (Wondering Sound)


 Also available on CD – check out Giraffa!

  1. Night Song
  2. Morning Song
  3. Diagnossisten
  4. Kali & Vossavatn
  5. El Aaiun - Across the Border

Friensemblet (2014)

Mathilde Grooss Viddal: Bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones Safaa al-saadi: Darbouka, nay, vocal Britt Pernille Frøholm: Hardanger fiddle, violin Tellef Kvifte: Electronics, laptop, keyboard, flute Dag Stiberg: Alto saxophone Gunnar Halle: Trumpet Per Willy Aaserud: Trumpet, electronics Øyvind Brække: Trombone Knut Kvifte Nesheim: Vibraphone, percussion Siv Øyunn Kjenstad: Drums Ellen Andrea Wang: Double bass

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