Deliverables: Knut Kvifte Nesheim’s band in new album!

Deliverables is Norwegian percussionist Knut Kvifte Nesheim’s first release as bandleader.
Together with some of the most exciting and active young jazz musicians in Norway,
Nesheim’s debut delivers a strong collection of open and melodic compositions presented in
an intimate and acoustic format. The bassless quartet featuring violin, saxophone, electric
guitar, and drum kit leaves ample room for delicate details and intricate interplay. The
compositions avoid referencing Norway’s mountain landscapes and striking scenery (a
common tendency within the country’s jazz community), and instead revolve around playful
yet concrete and memorable motifs. There is also, of course, plenty of room for
improvisation. The song titles are taken from Steven Poole’s humorous descriptions of
modern and parodic office expressions in the book Who Touched Base in my Thought
Shower?, which discusses linguistic trends with a critical wit close to Knut’s own. The titles
therefore act more as commentary on rather than descriptions of the pieces, but imaginative
listeners will easily hear connections to the gorgeous and whimsical performances on the
album. And as in all good jazz: a healthy balance between tradition, individual expression,
and improvisation’s happy accidents.

Drums, fiddle, guitar and saxophone – what’s so special about that? That’s a question you won’t be asking after listening to Deliverables.

Deliverables is the result of a bold chamber music dialogue between the distinctive timbres and rhythms of four different artists. A collective dialogue in which the individual voices are allowed to play themselves out and, at the same time, play themselves into a tradition of performance where the common denominator is the space given to the separate components of its language – a tradition characterised by the balance between the drive for freedom and the drive to compose. We recognise fragments from the musical heritage, not as imitation but as elements in a refreshing new direction that springs from the performers’ own imaginations. (Ivar Orvedal)

Adrian Løseth Waade – Violin
Karl Hjalmar Nyberg – Tenorsax
Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne – El-guitar
Knut Kvifte Nesheim – Drums

Knut Kvifte Nesheim

Knut is a Norwegian drummer, vibraphonist and composer from Oslo. He holds a master in composition and improvisation from the University of Gothenburg, and works around in Scandinavia and Europe, mostly in Oslo, Gothenburgh and Copenhagen. Besides his solo career, he also appears lve and on recordings with Mathilde Gross Viddal's FRIENSEMBLET, BENREDDIK, Greta Eacotts (UK) SIX DRUMMER FORMATION, Espera, duo with Ellen Martine Gismervik; also the impro-duos JULIUS (with Martin Tonne) og NUTELA (with Michaela Antalova)(SK), trio with Mia Dyberg and Christian Balvig (DK), as well as his own band band PoC!