New genre: Art Metal

Publisert 23.04.2017

We celebrate the Norwegian national day May 17th with the release of a new album, introducing the new genre of Art Metal. Sounds from the workshop of metal artist Arne Magnus Johnsrød are used by Tellef Kvifte to make a four-track album in this brand new genre. Watch out for the release!

Playlist showcasing Taragot Sounds releases

Publisert 11.01.2017

Here is a playlist showcasing releases from Taragot Sounds. Listen to traditional music and free-impro jazz mixed with not-so-traditional music and not-quite-free imrpo and contemporary jazz. Enjoy! Read more to find the link to the playlist!

Old recording featuring a Norwegian bagpipe – ?

Publisert 7.12.2016

Not many were fooled by a supposed old film featuring a Norwegian bagpipe – actually a slightly doctored version of “Halling etter Beitohaugen” on my album “The Norwegian Bagpipe – ?“. But I still like the idea that there might be such recordings somewhere! Anyway – you may enjoy the video here!


BenReddik new album release!

Publisert 5.12.2016

After a successful release concert, the album “Festen i det gule huset” (“The party in the yellow house”) is now live on services around the world!

Nunatak: New trio, releasing album soon!

Publisert 27.08.2016

Nunatak – free-improtrio with Mathilde Grooss Viddal, Tellef Kvifte and Knut Kvifte Nesheim releasing their first album during the (Norwegian) winter. While you wait: enjoy the video on YouTube!

A great day for the Taragot label!

Publisert 27.08.2016

sjøfløyta rauland rambles

July 29th: two new releases:

Rauland Rambles with Ånon Egeland, Arto Järvelä oand Bruce Molsky, three widely known and highly respected musicians always sparkling in their playing!

Tellefs sjøfløyte; the second solo album from Tellef Kviftes andre soloalbum, this time a number of solo tunes on the Norwegian sjøfløyte. Several of these sjøfløyte versions are not previously recorded or played in concerts,

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