wind, water, strings, bow

Ecological sound art or free improv?

Genres are mixed and musicians meet. The album, wind, water, strings, bow, is a meeting between fiddler Mats Edén and guitarist Stefan Östersjö. Both are so versatile that it is impossible to pigeonhole them in any single genre. Mats is perhaps best known as one of the grand old men of Swedish folk music, but has also had a long and extensive career as a composer. Stefan has enjoyed a successful career in contemporary music, but his experience and contacts also go well beyond the contemporary European art music scene. This album can best be described as what Stefan calls ecological sound art, with a clear nod to free impro. Here, the folk musician, the composer, the sound artist, the instrumentalist and the improviser (this last term applies to both) meet nature on the shores of Vombsjön Lake in southern Sweden, where they create music from their instruments, the sounds of the lake and the play of the wind on guitar strings that are stretched from the guitar to span a great oak on the shore. The result is an evocative and meditative whole that will draw you in through the speakers and transport you out on to the shores of Vombsjön on a hot August day in 2020. Shut your eyes, open your ears and enjoy!

Music: Improvisation at Vomsjön lake by Stefan Östersjö and Mats Edén. 1/8 2020.
Recording: Stefan Östersjö
Mix: Stefan Östersjö, Tellef Kvifte.
Photo: Hedda Rabe
Cover: Per Brehmer

  1. Vombsjön I
  2. Vombsjön II
  3. Vombsjön III
  4. Vombsjön IV
  5. Vombsjön V
  6. Vombsjön VI
  7. Vombsjön VII

Distributed by Diger