The Norwegian bagpipe – ?

Is there such an instrument as a Norwegian bagpipe?

May be not, but this album tells us that there should be one. Tellef Kvifte is playing Norwegian hardingfele tunes, adapted for the bagpipe, in addition to a couple of song tunes and original compositions. The bagpipe is build by Alban Faust, inspired by traditional Swedish pipe models.

Hi-rds audio files and booklet available on BandCamp.

  1. Halling etter Beitohaugen
  2. Springar etc
  3. Lilleboa
  4. Skuldalsbrura
  5. Nu solen går ned
  6. Etc.
  7. Visa från Malung / Gammel-Husin
  8. Bondelått etter Håkon Asheim
  9. En liten koselig en
  10. Sule skerry / Springleik
  11. To svenske polskor
  12. Vierlivalsen / Tor Halvorsens vals

Tellef Kvifte (1947-)

Traditional musician, jazz musician, music producer, music researcher. Tellef plays sjøfløyte, saxophones, piano and keyboard, laptop and bagpipes. And a little Hardanger fiddle. He has been on the Norwegian music scene for over 50 years, and has been involved in many different groups, including Universitetets storband, Slinkombas, TradArr, Oslo Musica Antiqua, Chateau Neuf spellemannslag, North Sea Music, LuckyLoop, Friensemblet and Nunatak.