Tellef’s sjøfløyte

Tellef’s sjøfløyte

This is the first complete album with Tellef playing solo sjøfløyte – the Norwegian traditional music version of the recorder. Tellef has translated a number of *hardingfele* tunes to the sjøfløyte, added a few song- and psalm melodies, as well as a couple of his own tunes. One tune is after Hellik Stuvstad, one of the two recorded performers of the older tradition of sjøfløyte playing.

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The album is the second in Tellef’s solo album series. The first being The Norwegian Bagpipe -?, released last year.

  1. Prestegangaren
  2. Tversover’n
  3. Den endelause
  4. etc.
  5. Gangar etter Olav Dale
  6. Ivelandsspringar
  7. Jentebedrageren
  8. Kolbrennervisa
  9. Kubbestollåtten
  10. Gamle Guro
  11. Lea deg, gamle Ola
  12. Bonde etter Håkon Asheim
  13. Sjung høyt min sjel – juleverset
  14. Soteroen
  15. Tri hjarter på ei snor

Tellef Kvifte (1947-)

Traditional musician, jazz musician, music producer, music researcher. Tellef plays sjøfløyte, saxophones, piano and keyboard, laptop and bagpipes. And a little Hardanger fiddle. He has been on the Norwegian music scene for over 50 years, and has been involved in many different groups, including Universitetets storband, Slinkombas, TradArr, Oslo Musica Antiqua, Chateau Neuf spellemannslag, North Sea Music, LuckyLoop, Friensemblet and Nunatak.