Miniatyrland (Miniature land)

Johannes Fosse Solvang (trombone) and Camilla Hole (saxophones) have composed and arranged the music on the album MINIATYRLAND to be released on Taragot Sounds 15th of December. The music is written for OJKOS, an orchestra for jazz composers/musicians in Eastern Norway.

In MINIATYRLAND you get to experience the chamber musical side of OJKOS, where wind instruments, cello and vocals play an exciting and supporting role, in addition to the regular accompanist group. One gets close to the various colors and nuances the different instruments offer, in a playful universe where whimsical melodies and abstract improvisations walk hand in hand. Song titles such as “Katten er løs” (The cat is loose), “Isbjørnmarsj” (Polar bear march) and “Fenghette” (Explosives) invite us to dream further into the music.

Johannes and Camilla have both played and worked together on several projects in the last 10 years. They have made three records together with the septet BenReddik. Therefore, it was natural for them to collaborate with the music on this album, and bring inspiration from the universe and musicians in BenReddik (some of the musicians can be found in this edition of OJKOS).

Siril Malmedal Hauge – vocal, Henriette Hvidsten Eilertsen – flute, Camilla Hole – saxophones, Tina Lægrid Olsen – saxophones, Marie Rotevatn – clarinet, Richard Köster – trumpet, Lyder Øverås Røed – trumpet, Tancred Heyerdahl Husø – trumpet, Andreas Rotevatn – trombone, Johannes Fosse Solvang – trombone, Ellen-Martine Gismervik – cello, Kristoffer Håvik – keys, Arne Martin Nybo – guitar, Mike McCormick – guitar/electronics, Alexander Hoholm – bass, Knut K. Nesheim – drums/glockenspiel, Magnus Murphy Joelson – dirigent

  1. Katten er løs
  2. Dromedardans
  3. Hundene i San Francisco
  4. Isbjørnmarsj
  5. Pusletid
  6. Lillefingermelodier
  7. Ojkostimen
  8. Fenghette
  9. Miniatyrland I
  10. Miniatyrland II
  11. Isbjørnparadis
  12. Fjomsedyret