Micho Russell in Norway 1978 -vol.1 The Vinstra Concert

In 1978, I had the unique opportunity to travel with, play with, and record, the legendary Irish musician Micho Russell. The recordings where done on a small cassette tape recorder, and meant for reference for me personally while learning the tunes. Now, 40 years later, I’d like to share them with fans of Micho around the world. Even if the recordings are not quite up to modern standards technically, the album adds to the picture of Micho as a musician who always gave his tunes a new twist, and thereby should be of great interest. If you know these tunes from other recordings, you will find variations in phrasing and melody, sometimes almost to the point where you wonder if it really is the same tune.

Booklet, telling the story of Micho’s tour to Norway; and hi-res audio files, available at BandCamp.

  1. I Wish I had a Yellow Cow
  2. The Mountain Lark / Reel
  3. Two Kerry Slides
  4. Bean Dubh A'ghleanna (Dark Woman Of The Glen)
  5. Bucks of Oranmore / The Mountain Road
  6. The Pipe in the Hub
  7. Spalpin a Run
  8. Emigration Song
  9. Fermoy Lasses