LAMSLÅTT – the debut album from Thomas & Guro

“Traditional and inventive” said the well-known Swedish fiddler Per Gudmundson when he listened to the first album from Thomas & Guro, two young and upcoming musicians with firm roots in Swedish and Norwegian musical traditions, but with their own personal contemporary voice.

Two years after the release, the album is still popular, and “Thomas&Guro” is now a well established group.

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Guro plays Hardanger fiddle and violin; Thomas cittern (or mandola, as the instrument also is called), and in 11 tunes, 10 being their own compositions, they follow each other closely in intricate musical details.
Guro is among the top young Hardanger fiddle players in Norway, and Thomas is one of the leading musicians on his instrument in his generation. Since they met in the summer 2012, they have played a large number of concerts in Sweden and Norway, as well as some in Estonia, Croatia and India.

Wonderful ensemble playing, traditional and inventive music. Good work, Guro and Thomas!» (Per Gudmundson, fiddler – Frifot, Folkmusikens hus, Rättvik)

This recording is a treat for the ears, mind and heart of the listener. The splendid pairing of hardanger fiddle and cittern spurs a deep resonance that is at the same time ancient and contemporary.  Thomas and Guro skillfully interweave bright lyrical melodies with distinctively haunting Norwegian ornamentation at a gentle and delicious pace. Their music inspires reverie in the listener.” (Sandra Peevers, On Queue Performing Artists, New York)

  1. Vetle-Nils
  2. Thomas sin
  3. Guro sin
  4. Lynet
  5. Lamslått
  6. Medsols
  7. Pappas slängpolska
  8. Kompostdronningen
  9. Läxan
  10. Besta Besto
  11. Jul(i)vals

Guro Kvifte Nesheim

(Hardanger fiddle and Hardanger d'Amore) Guro grew up in Oslo, Norway, and started playing the Hardanger fiddle when she was seven years old. She has learnt to play the traditional music of Norway from many great Hardanger fiddle players and has received prizes for her playing in national competitions for folk music. In 2013 she began her folk music education in Sweden at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Guro is composing a lot of music, and has a great interest in, and love for the old music traditions of Norway and Sweden. In 2011 she went to the world music camp Ethno and was bit by the “Ethno-bug”. Since then she has attended many Ethno Camps as a participant and leader, and setup Ethno Norway with a team of fellow musicians. In spring 2015 she worked at the Opera House of Gothenburg with the dance piece “Shadowland” where the famous Swedish folk musician Ale Möller had the musical responsibility. She is now freelancing and playing in different constellations.

Thomas Eriksson

(Cittern & Twelve-string guitar) Thomas Eriksson is the guitarist who composes the melodies that make you cry! Thomas Eriksson has played concerts in the last few years including the duo Thomas & Guro, Axel Sondén & Flyttfåglarna, and the children's performance Kabaré Va’ Mé! Now he works as a guitarist at Västanå Teater and, in the summer of 2018, he will perform for the fifth time at the Theatre.