Gadjos: Kemal’s Barbershop

The trimmed down brass orchestra Gadjos, who made a name for themselves through their ability to mix traditional music from the Balkans with elements from jazz, funk och club beats are moving towards new ground, and looking inwards at the same time. Parts of the group have roots in Turkey and their new focus is to explore Anatolian folk music. Together with singer and bağlama virtuoso Orhan Özgür Turan and with inspiration from 70 ́s rock and funk from Turkey, Gadjos is now creating a personal take on Turkish folk music. The band ́s groovy foundation is intact, but the sound is renewed, the beats are refined and the melody section is tighter than ever. This is Kemal ́s Barbershop.

Hi-res audio files at BandCamp!

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  1. Malatya
  2. Kemal´s Barbershop
  3. Bahçede Erik Dalı
  4. Hacel Obası