Per Brehmer: Forward Still

This is the first track in Per Brehmer’s album Looped Corn Fields. A new track will be released the first friday the coming months, and, eventually, all 12 tracks will be published as an album.

All tracks are based on samples from releases in the Taragot catalogue; all to be found on Taragot’s home page

We also invite to a competition: Identify the Taragot tune(s) used as basis for the track of the month. 5 points are given for correct tune; if only album is identified you get 2 points, and, even if nothing is correct, you still get 1 point if you answer to post at

Each month a winner will get a free ticket to a concert with one of Taragot’s artists; by lottery if necessary. There is also a prize for highest points for the full album: either Mari Boine’s classic album Gula Gula, or the second album from Slinkombas og bas igjen from 1981 – both on vinyl, and both hard to find today.

Per Brehmer

Per Brehmer is a drummer and beat-producer. His music is based on hip-hop. Raised in the sounds of the boom bap of the nineties, sampling is an important part of Brehmer’s music-making; always hunting for new sounds to cut, manipulate and incorporate in his musical creations.