Camilla Hole Trio on a fairytale journey

Camilla Hole Trio are finally ready with their second album! In the project “Eventyrferd,” the trio, consisting of Camilla Hole, Egil Kalman, and Knut Kvifte Nesheim, has been expanded with the sought-after folk musician and solo artist Sigrid Moldestad, as well as the experimental jazz guitarist Torstein Slåen.

“Eventyrferd” (eng: fairytale journey) consists of old tunes and folk melodies from the village of Breim in the west coast of Norway, found in various archives and books. Each tune has been given a musical adventure or image that they convey through imaginative arrangements and openness to play and improvisation. Each musician colors these images and melodies with their own creativity, resulting in a project that resembles nothing else but itself. The music shifts between being energetic and wild, to being dreamy and mysterious – just like a true fairytale journey should be.

“Eventyrferd started when I was asked to create a commissioned piece for the folk music festival Pederhusveka in Breim. I quickly realized that I wanted to search for local musical treasures, not among the most well-known, and use them as a starting point for my own compositional play and creativity. Together with Knut Nesheim and Egil Kalman, we delved into music unearthed from folk music archives, local history books, and tune collections. I took these ideas with me into the writing process for the band, which we complemented with Sigrid Moldestad and Torstein Slåen. The idea was to create a musical gift that those connected to the village could feel a sense of belonging, while the music itself should be both contemporary, genuine, and universally relevant no matter where it is played in the world.” – Camilla Hole.

Camilla Hole – saxophone and other wind instruments
Knut Kvifte Nesheim – drums and vibraphone
Egil Kalman – double bass and modular synthesizer
Sigrid Moldestad – fiddle and vocals
Torstein Slåen – guitar and banjo

  1. Kampen for tilværelsen (gravferdssalme etter Jo Bjørkelo)
  2. Den dagen han vart bortført av UFO (trall etter Jon Fløtre)
  3. Nattergalvise (etter Gamle Rakel Almenningen)
  4. Vimplar og blondegardiner i juli (bruremarsj etter Ingebrigt Myklebust)
  5. Geitekillingane bygger heile verda i duplo (barneminne frå Ola Ryssdal)
  6. Hyllest (bruremarsj etter Per Støyva Anders Reed)
  7. Rødhette, luren og himmelturen (vals etter Zakarias Døsa)
  8. Skikarusell (springar etter Zakarias Døsa)