Ånon Egeland and Mikael Marin: Sorpesoll

Ånon and Mikael tune down an octave to play sorrowful tunes that’ll make your heart sing! The unique soundscape breathes new life into traditional tunes, while the elegant arrangements create an intimate dialogue between Hardanger fiddle and viola.

Ånon and Mikael both bring a clear and powerfully personal expression to the music, complementing and sustaining one another in their playing. Ånon’s distinctive tone, ornamentation and intonation gain new musical meaning in the universe of Mikael’s minimalistic arrangements.

Two musical legends meet in the kind of intimate musical conversation that only old friends can have.

Hi-res audio files and booklet at BandCamp.


  1. Kolbrennarvisa
  2. Torbjørn Bjellands bruremarsj
  3. Bjønnaråtona
  4. Vals etter Jon Løite
  5. Med sorg og salte tårer…
  6. I hiljen och i haljen…
  7. Springdans etter Tor Lohne
  8. Langmyrvalsen
  9. Ola Nes’ reilender
  10. Det for två vita duvor…
  11. Polska efter C. H. Erlandsson
  12. En vise vil jeg synge når sorgen trykker mig…
  13. Gråtarslaget
  14. Hovassvisa

Ånon Egeland

Ånon Egeland has got his tradition from legendary fiddlers of Agder, and is best known as a promoter of this musical heritage. Ånon has a very personal style of play clearly rooted in tradition, and he has a large repertoire of rare tunes. Since he debuted on LP in 1977, he has participated in a dozen albums with the best tradition musicians in Scandinavia, he has spread his music in 22 countries on four continents. He has worked full time as a teacher in traditional music since 1988, and at the Institute of Folk Culture at Rauland, University College Southeast Norway, since 1999.

Mikael Marin

Mikael is a violist who isn't satisfied with merely playing "second fiddle." His influences are literally unlimited in their scope, and oscillate between Schöenberg and the Beatles. He became a national fiddler in 1983, and was chosen to play in a world orchestra under the direction of Leonard Bernstein in 1989. When not performing with Väsen, he composes, produces, and arranges music for artists such as Mikael Samuelsson, Nordman, and Kronos Quartet. He composed (together with Mats Wester) the opening music to the World Police and Fire Games in Stockholm, 1999. Mikael can be heard on several recordings, for example Nordman (with Nordman), Barfota (with Mikael Samuelsson), Ånon (with Ånon Egeland, released on NorthSide), and Flow my Tears (with The Forge Players).