Aller Anfang ist schwer

The title of trombonist and composer Øyvind Brækkes’ new solo album, ‘Aller Anfang ist schwer’, may seem surprising, given that he’s been active on the frontlines of Norwegian jazz for several decades. But the title is a reminder that good jazz is never finished: there are always new beginnings to grapple with and to develop into something meaningful. The 13 tracks on the album also have metaphorical titles from Øyvind’s unique universe, inviting listeners to unpack and interpret them in multiple ways.

In this production, Øyvind explores an expansive soundscape together with producer and sound designer, Tellef Kvifte. The album sounds unlike anything they have made before and in this sense, it is an ‘Anfang’ for both of them. The recording itself was already done before COVID-19 set in but the subsequent work was done remotely, in many different home offices. In this sense, the corona times have left their mark on the production and – for those of us involved – the production has also left its mark on the corona times.