About Taragot Sounds

Taragot Sounds, a label under 5b.no AS, releases music in the genres of contemporary jazz and traditional music; traditional music both in its traditional and contemporary versions. 

All our albums are found on BandCamp, as well as on all the usual streaming services.

Donations to the Taragot label are welcome, and will make it possible for us to release even more interesting high-quality music!

Tellef Kvifte

is the boss of Taragot sounds; music producer, musician and everything else.

Through the years, he has produced albums for many different artists, mainly in the genres of traditional and world music, among them Mari Boine, Roar Engelberg, Gabriel Fliflet, Kalenda Maya, Chateau Neuf Spellemannslag, Trispann (Åsmund Reistad, Åsmund Nordstoga og Linn Korssjøen), Helene Høye/Ole Sigvard Lunnan, Aurora Borealis, Spindel (Sigrid Moldestad/Liv Merete Kroken), Kjersti Wiik, Krøklun, and Glima, Knudsen/Syrjälä, Ånon Egeland, Mikael Marin, Mats Edén…

Also on the tema are Knut Kvifte Nesheim, drummer, composer; Guro Kvifte Nesheim, Hardanger fiddler, band leader.